Covid-19 Guidelines in Masjid

As salaamu Aleykum,

this is a brief reminder for all borthers and sisters attending  the masjid, we must follow the government  guidance for masjids:

  1. Do not  attend masjid too early, for each salah the masjid will open 10 minutes before salaah and doors will close after that. no more admittance for that salaah if doors close
  2. bring your own prayaer mat
  3. no quran reading in masjid and no sunnah prayer in majid
  4. straight after each salaah everyone of us must leave immediately
  5. sunnah is better done  at home.
  6. no wuduu is availabe at this time.
  7. elderly over 60 years old and yong people less than 12 years old should pray home.
  8. no talk or gatherings inside or outside of majids
  9. barak allahu fiikum wa billahi tawfiiq.

may all keeps us safe and healthy.